The Cat Tries To Wake Up His Friend But Eventually She Gives Up...

Catch on the video as this pair of cat and dog as they play around.

#5 Enemies - Dogs and Cats

#5 Enemies - Dogs and Cats

Although dogs and cats are often portrayed as enemies, if introduced carefully, they can actually get on extremely well.

If either of the pets or both have lived with the other in a previous home, then the introduction process is likely to be easier. However it is still a good idea to take things slowly – a gentle introduction is far safer than a rushed one, and will hopefully result in both pets becoming good friends.

#4 It is beyond description!

#4 It is beyond description!

Check out this adorable video, we’re afraid it is beyond description. You just sit back, enjoy the lovely music and watch this beautiful cat as she tries to wake up a sleeping Bulldog.

This Cat and Dog are often seen to take a nap together, but this time the sleepy bulldog couldn’t wait for his friend.

But see how this cat is ready to play and tries to be his alarm.

#3 Excited cat tries waking the dog

#3 Excited cat tries waking the dog

In this video, you will see her dancing around him trying to gently wake him up, but he just keeps napping. It’s as if she is trying to make him fall asleep and not wake up.

To be honest, we would like to have someone wake us up like that!

What a lovely video! Continue to see it yourself.

#2 Kitty cat – Sweet Dreams

#2 Kitty cat – Sweet Dreams

She is so caring and gentle that her attempts at waking the pooch up actually makes her fall asleep!

Watch the video as she curls up next to him, almost spoons him and dozes off.

Sweet dreams kitty cat.

#1 Absolutely adorable!

Enjoy this video as this adorable cat tries to wake up sleepy dog.

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