She Wanted A New Pet Dog So Bad, But Minutes After She Got One, It Mauled Her To Death

Life is never fair.

#3 Kiyana McNeal

#3 Kiyana McNeal

Kiyana McNeal was a bright four-year-old was a sweet girl who was vibrant, funny and smart. And she loved animals more than anything!
Kiyana grew up with her family dog, Willow, an old Doberman. But since Willow died 2 months ago due to cancer, Kiyana was distraught at having lost her friend.

So, her family decided to get a new pet dog and began searching for one.......

#2 A new dog

#2 A new dog

Ultimately, Kiyana's mom, Jacey McNeal Wolkins was contacted by a man who lived in Ilinois, who was willing to sell them his three-year-old Doberman Pinscher or Doberman mix.

Kiyana was so happy for getting a new dog!

And so the man drove down that Sunday and bought his dog with him. He stayed for 45 minutes with the family before he left. The dog in his presence had gotten along well with the family...but when he left...

#1 Mauled

The seller had left no longer than 5 minutes ago when the dog attacked Kiyana who was trying to give him a treat.

The neighbors heard Wolkins screaming, followed by her hysterical sobbing as she emerged from the house carrying Kiyana's body.

The seller rushed back as soon as he heard what happened and tried performing CPR on Kiyana but in vain.

"It's something nobody should see. Nobody," a neighbor said. "You just don't expect nothing like that to happen to a child."
See the video to know more!

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