THIS Is How a Crow Proves His Sense of Intelligence

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No doubt animals are intelligent too, like that of humans and have proved their sense of logic in various experiments and tests conducted by humans. If talking about the intelligence of a bird, then the very first names of a bird that comes to mind are Parrots, Macaws, Eagle and much more. However, no one would ever imagine that a crow is also a highly sensible bird.

Earlier many scientists conducted intelligence experiments on a crow of which one was a farmer’s crow who counted from number 4 to 5. Now, the latest one in the line is this one, where a crow brilliantly did something strange in order to grab a piece of food.

In this experiment, a crow is shown the 8 different pieces of the puzzle and the rest is left upon him to solve it. Well, crow does that brilliantly by quickly taking the stick from the first stage and move on to 2nd,3rd, 4th and other stages to collect all the stones one by one.

See how this crow finally completed the puzzle in the latter part.

One by one, this crow can be seen collecting the stones and dropping in a glass box. Using a stick with his mouth in order to drag stones outside the box is simply a clever move on his part.

Finally, this crow is able to pull off the 7th and 8th stage by picking up the longest stick and uses it to drag the piece of food. Mere using logic, this crow proves to be one of the most intelligent birds in the world.

Watch the smart moves in the video below.

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