Pregnant Mama Has A Secret In Her GIANT Belly. After She Delivers Her First Baby, I Gasped.

Seeing a life coming out of a life is a speechless joy.

#3 Dazed Love Story.

#3 Dazed Love Story.

Love is an emotion that entails all..No one can really be deprived of this beautiful feeling. A 3-year-old Staffordshire, Diva, and 13-year-old shepherd mix, Joey had an incredible bond with each other.

Their deep love for each other was so true, it was known to the world when Diva had conceived after two months. Diva's daddy, Pepijn was on edge, seeing his girl's big hulking belly.

His anxiousness was relieved after 59 days. Now see what had happened!

#2 When She Was All Set.

#2 When She Was All Set.

After 59 days, Diva got into labour. Her parents took her to the Vet. Being her first time, this mommy was little furious but she had her parents to comfort her in all possible ways. And moments later, she was ready to get her first baby out of her womb.

Look how she reacted when her first baby came out in the world.. Well, for animals too, it is one of the beautiful feelings.

Watch the entire video ahead..

#3 It Was Like A Miracle.

It was hard for her to understand the entire scenario but as soon as her first child entered this world, words would be less to describe what her happiness was. Licking her child to let him know his mommy loves him more than anything.

And one after the another, she had all her 13 healthy babies right in front of her. She'd fed them all as soon as they opened their eyes in this wonderful world.

No matter the mother belongs to whichever community, her children would always be special for her. Above all, seeing a little life popping his head out in the world for the first time is indeed an unmatched feeling to the souls.

Watch the entire video of Diva giving birth to her pups and feel the tingling when you see those tiny beings yourself.

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