People Actually Put Live Animals In Keychains And Are Selling Them!

Tiny little animals cramped inside a space the size of your palm, with no food and no freedom. Seriously? Have we forgotten they are living beings just like us?

#7 Well it seems that we weren't being inhuman enough to the other folks in the animal kingdom

#7 Well it seems that we weren't being inhuman enough to the  other folks in the animal kingdom

Because we kinda outdid ourselves this time. We decided that torturing animals in labs and circuses wasn't enough so now....

We are putting animals in keychains and selling them...

At what price you ask?

All for the price of $1.50! And oh!Along with whatever's left of our so called "humane" nature.

Why keychains of all?!

#6 Does anyone pay attention to keychains?!

#6 Does anyone pay attention to keychains?!


No one cares because keychains spend most of their lifetime buried in your pockets or purses.

But then why are people even bother selling living animals trapped inside bags as keychains?!

Strangely enough, people have all gone crazy over this new fad. While some are truly horrified.

#5 Something different..

#5 Something different..

While it's common to have a stuffed animal keychain, some people are over stepping the bounds by getting keychains with live animals.

These are live breathing animals that are being confined to a space no bigger than your palm, with no way of feeding or even living their normal life span expectancy.

Animal rights activists have raised their voice saying its out right human cruelty!

But the sales of such keychains hasn't stopped....

#4 At first it was just turtles....

#4 At first it was just turtles....

But now, it seems like they are putting in anything that can fit in the pouch....

From salamanders to fishes, they have used everything.

And this trend has found a solid foothold in China and has already developed a huge customer base.



These are living creatures being confined to such insanely small places without food. To this accusation, the sellers of this merchandise said that the animals are provided with "nutrient-rich" water.

One vendor told CNN that the water contained crystallized oxygen and other nutrients for the animals to live on.

CNN reported on this issue earlier also but that didn't stop them.

#2 See the turtle?

#2 See the turtle?

How can this turtle possibly be happy living like that?!

I wonder if humans would like being trapped like that...maybe if they were treated the same way, then at least they will learn their lesson..

See what the experts say on this...

#1 Cruelty To Animals

#1 Cruelty To Animals

One expert told CNN that it is impossible for the animals to live long at all on the nutrients in the keychain.

"Lack of food and diminishing oxygen concentrations within both the water and the small amount of air in these plastic pouches will cause the animals to die in a relatively short period of time after the pouches are sealed," said David Neale, animal welfare director of Animals Asia.

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