Million Dollar Expression On the Face of a Kitten Watching a Horror Movie

This kitten loves watching movies, but when the scary part comes on, too funny!

One must have seen cute videos of little kitten showing appealing reactions and funny activities. There are lot many videos uploaded on YouTube of lovely kittens that have got a million views, but this one right here has got in total 3 million views and counting.

Andrew Parrish the owner of this cute little kitten captured its million dollar expression while watching the movie ‘Psycho’. Of course, it is a horror movie, but still the kitten watched the movie with complete concentration.

The kitten's name is Togepi, the 9-month-old Tabby –Bengal mix breed who could not understand even the single word from the movie, but still, her intense reaction is telling some other story. In the video, she could be seen watching the movie with eyes wide open and moving her face right to left, whenever a scary scene comes in the movie.

In the later part, you will witness the amazing video of Togepi the kitten

In one of the scenes of the movie, the kitten was so frightened and just hopped up and ran away.

Now, to better witness the real expression on the kitten’s face, you are sure to watch the hilarious video filmed by Andrew Parrish.

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