Meet Smurf, The Kitten, Who Has Been A Biting Toy All This While.

When's this animal abuse coming to an end ??

#3 Those Helpless Eyes Speaks The Bitter Story.

#3 Those Helpless Eyes Speaks The Bitter Story.

Animals, specially the ones you raise by your side with all the love and care and call them your pet, are one of the world's sweetest creations. They are honest and loyal to the love you shower upon them. They may not speak your language but surely do know the language of love. But, in spite of all this, people fail to respect the helpless creature and are torturing them with immense cruelty. Just like this poor little kitten, Smurf who has been a victim of same by its owner.

Know his full story ahead.

#2 Yes, The Colour Isn't His Own.

#2 Yes, The Colour Isn't His Own.

Smurf has been found by Nine Lives Foundation in a card board box with rags and lemon slices in San Jose. The little baby was only 7 weeks old and weighed a mere 1lb and 10 oz. The people from Nine Lives found that Smurf was dyed with permanent fabric color. The doctors had shaved his fur and were surprised to see what lied underneath the fake color, he had several bruises and wounds all over his body. They'd detected that the wounds were given by a dog's bite, presuming that he might have been used as a biting toy for the dog.

He was kept under medication and has recovered from the odd condition. Also, he now feels safe and secure between his new mates and often curls up around their palm. Meanwhile, he found his new friend. Meet Smurf's newly made best friend ahead.

#1 And He Was A Victim Too..

Some fine soul came across this cat whom they'd named Wanda and handed them to Nine Lives Foundation as they couldn't take care of it like the way Foundation people could. Wanda is also a victim of animal abuse and is blind but it seems as though Wanda and Smurf know each since long. The bond is growing stronger with every passing day.

Once recorded fully, Smurf will be up for adoption along with his new mate and other 200 helpless souls. But they're afraid of the dyed color on him and are waiting for it to go away until he finds a loving home.

Look how cute this duo is in the video below.

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