His Babysitter Is Abusive, But Mom Has No Idea About It. Watch What The Family Dog Does Next

The dog is indeed guy's best friend!

#3 The Babysitter

#3 The Babysitter

When the new parents Benjamin and Hope hired Alexis Khan, the babysitter to care for their 7-month-old son, Finn, they noticed that their family dog started behaving strangely!

Well, appointing a babysitter to look after your child is not that easy in the recent times! However, Benjamin took all right steps while appointing Khan. He thoroughly performed the background check from which he came out clean, and so he was appointed!

#2 The Dog's Behaviour

#2 The Dog's Behaviour

Soon, they noticed that their family dog, Killian was being really protective of Finn. He would not allow Khan to be near to him. As soon as Khan entered the house, Killian would turn more aggressive. This sudden change in the dog's behavior made Hope and Benjamin suspicious of Alexis, so they decided to keep a watch on him

Soon, they got a shock of their life when they caught Alexis abusing the little Finn! Watch the entire incident in the video ahead. Be more careful and vigilant with the babysitter, for it concerns your child's life!

#1 The Horrific Truth Unveiled

Hope managed to hide her Iphone under the couch to record the happenings of the day! They were shocked to hear the sounds of cussing, slapping, crying and yelling. Khan had been abusing their child since long and hence, Killian was being aggressive towards him all these days!

They immediately filed a complaint against the culprit and soon he was behind the bars. He had been sentenced three years of prison for the deed he has done!

Kudos to Killian, the pup! Watch the video here

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