He Suffers From Down Syndrome, But Look Whose Back He's Got!

Such pure love is rare to find.

#3 Even Though He's Scared.

#3 Even Though He's Scared.

Every child is God's best creation and a bliss to every parent. But, unfortunately, some are born with special challenges to face in life. One of them is Down Syndrome in which the kid loses its capability to do his/her own work without much hassle and also are unaware of the love and affection coming their way. Just as this little boy who is suffering from Down Syndrome and is accompanied by a big boy, a golden Labrador.

Labs are known for their human friendly nature and this one is no different. He tries to shower the motherhood on this kid but it seems the kid is a bit afraid of getting friendly with his new mate. Check out what the baby will end up with, ahead.

#2 This Labrador Isn't Giving Up Soon.

#2 This Labrador Isn't Giving Up Soon.

The Lab moves closer to him just so to make him comfortable but little Canine is not at all convinced and pushes him away. But mama isn't giving up this soon, boy. From sleeping on his lap to turning round, not seemed to work for this loving fellow.

Canine tries to rescue himself for this stubborn big dog but the dog isn't letting him gi away this easily. Scroll over to find out what happens to the poor kid.

#1 The Ending Is A show Stealer.

The baby isn't satisfied that the dog won't harm him but is asking for love and only love, putting his hand on baby0's back, sleeping on his lap, the Lab tried all possible efforts to let him know how much he cares for him, but nothing worked.

The child moves aside, pushes himself in other direction but then suddenly something happens that was totally unpredictable. Watch the video below, the ending will surly surprise you.

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