He Sobs Looking At The Torn-Up Pit Bull. As The Dog Approaches Him, This Man's Heart Breaks

His toughest battle

#3 Animals Vs Humans

#3  Animals Vs Humans

Nature has it the animals and humans fight only when they have to defend themselves. But what happens when humans start fighting animals as a sport? Who wins? Is that a fair game? No.

When man decides to exhibit his strength on defenceless animals, the one and only one who is getting hurt is the animal. Especially when a man tries to exhibit his power against something as powerless as a dog.

#2 The innocent Pitbull suffered

#2 The innocent Pitbull suffered

In 2009, when American Humane Society succeeded in rescuing a number of dogs from dog fighting rings. Amongst them was a terribly abused Pitbull, his name was Stallone. He had the most lovely eyes you would never expect a dog like him to have. He had suffered so much that his limbs were torn and his nose badly damaged. But yet, this wonderful dog never displayed any kind of aggression but was just happy when someone held him and loved him.

You could tell he loved that by the meek wagging of his tail. The veterinarians and volunteers at the rescue shelter loved him at first sight. And stopped at nothing to save him. But the odds were against them.

Read ahead to know what happened to him next

#1 This Will Break Your Heart

Despite countless treatments and efforts, Stallone could not be saved. His injuries were too extensive and too serious to begin with. Everyone at the shelter wept for him.

This gem of a dog, all he wanted was to be loved. But fate dealt him a cruel hand. Humans did that to a helpless canine. Stop harassing dogs. They are your best friends.

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