He Noticed The Birds Acting Strange. When THIS Jumped Out? He Couldn't Stop Screaming.

The surprise was more than he could handle

#3 Mysteries of Sea

#3 Mysteries of Sea

Man has managed to conquer almost everything on land. But the one thing that remains out of reach to man is the sea. This big expanse of deep clear blue has more mysteries than any can comprehend. No one knows what lies in the belly of the sea.

But once in a while, the deep blue sea reveals its wonders once in a while. Whether good or bad, the sea's miracles are pre-funding. This man stood witness to such a wonder.

#2 Gathering of Birds

#2 Gathering of Birds

The boater's go out to examine a mysterious gathering of birds in the middle of the sea. This occurrence had been occurring for a few days and had evoked the curiosity of the locals.

The birds gathered in flocks and were targeting something in the water. The boaters expected to see something gruesome but didn't expect this!

Check the entire video ahead

#1 The Video

All of a sudden the water beneath them shook and parted to reveal a wonder! A pod of whales emerged to soak the sun. The boaters were spellbound and watched in awe as the humpback whales filled their vision.

The video is both enchanting and scary at the same time! It reminds me of sublime!

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