He Lost His Dog Years Ago And Now The Dog Waits Behind The Garage Door Waiting For Him. A Reunion Like No Other!

I am not crying! YOU are crying!

#3 The Lost Friend

#3 The Lost Friend

For Julio and Sam, 2013 did not end well. Their beloved Great Dane, Duke who they had brought home just the year before when he was 8 weeks old went missing.

On the eve of Christmas 2013, Julio let out Duke in the yard of their Oklahoma City apartment. That was the last time Julio and Sam saw their beloved pet. Duke never returned. Julio was heartbroken that Duke had run away.

But Julio didn't give up! He and his brother searched for Duke for weeks, months and years!

#2 Hope

#2 Hope

Even though Duke had been microchipped and registered, the means weren't enough to track down Duke. More and more time passed. But Julio refused to give up on Duke.

After 24 months......

Somewhere on a remote ranch in Navasota, Texas, rancher David Walker stepped out to a strange visitor on his property. A Great Dane was standing there on his land looking back right at him.

David soon realized that the dog was eager to be friendly. He took the dog to the vet where the doctor said that he was healthy but a bit on the thin side. Also, the doctor made another discovery. A microchip!

It was Duke!

Everyone was astounded as to how the dog had gotten away 350 miles from home. Getting the information from the chip, they called up Julio.....

#1 Reunion

Julio and Sam were overenjoyed! Duke was alive and had been found! They were so happy. And undertook a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Oklahoma City to Texas to bring Duke back home.

But Julio was nervous and worried. It was so long ago that Duke saw them...would he recognize them?

And after 800 days of separation.....this happened.

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