He Hears A Whale Crying And Follows The Sound. Now WATCH What Happens When He Gets Closer..

She had got stranded when the tide turned

#3 When It Got Stranded On The Rocks

#3 When It Got Stranded On The Rocks

It is always heartwarming to see humans rescuing animals from the troubles. This is one such splendid video of the Orca Whale. This whale got stranded on the rocks when the whale watchers heard it crying!

The tide threw off a pod of orca whales on the rocks while they were seal hunting when one of them was left stranded here in between the rocks.

What this whale watcher did next is amazing!

#2 The Man Hears The Whale

#2 The Man Hears The Whale

When the whale watchers heard the sound, they soon came to its rescue! The whole crew worked really fast as they knew they had almost no time to waste to save this poor baby!

Quickly they arranged for wet blankets and sea water to keep the whale cool while they were trying to free it from the rocks.

These guys did an amazing job to rescue the animal in distress. See the incredible video ahead

#1 The Video

Must say, its always worthy of humans to help animals whenever they're in need. Because us humans can still show the pain and shout out for help, but these poor creatures can only show through their gestures.

In the video ahead, you could almost feel this poor whale crying for help when it gets stuck in the rocks. But what these whale watchers did to rescue it is some incredible job! Kudos!

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