Giant Polar Bear Comes Looking For A Meal...But Then It Sees A Pooch...What Happens Next No One Would Have Guessed


#3 Polar Bears

#3 Polar Bears

Polar Bears are vicious creatures. If you thought they were adorable, you are right but you could never adore them. Not while you are living anyway. They are giant creatures with amazing strength and aren't afraid to use it. The polar bears are one of the most lethal natural predators on this planet.

So, what do you expect when a polar bear and dog cross paths?

#2 The Worst

#2 The Worst

When polar bears are hungry, they aren't exactly choosy about what they eat. It's like 'anything goes' as long as it's worth eating.

So, when a bear in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada comes upon a pooch....what do you think will happen? Oh and also, the dog's tied down.

Gruesome kill is what you are thinking. But you are wrong.

#1 Wonder

David De Meulles, the man who recorded the video didn't know what was happening but wasn't expecting things to go well for the dog. But the polar bear suprised everyone by just petting the dog. And boy it is the sweetest thing ever. Just a word of caution though don't get any ideas of cozing up to a polar bear...they are still something you need to be afraid of. They are the sort of beauty that needs to be appreciated from afar.

Watch the video!

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