Dog Throws Hilarious Tantrum When his Owner Tells HIm That He Can't Have A Bite Of His Sandwich

This reaction is so perfect, you're going to enjoy this...

There are a number of ways to gain the attention of your family or friends. You could be polite, subtle or even funny like Dinny, the Great Dane who got captured in a video throwing an epic reaction. Like him, you can also go for a more direct, aggressive approach to gain attention.

The big boy chose the loud way and threw a little temper tantrum in order to ensure that his owner’s focus was all on him. The big softy can be seen in the video below when his owner makes himself a tasty looking sandwich and doesn’t seem all that willing to share it.

When he spotted his human, Ron Cameron, eating a sandwich that looked too tempting to pass up, he started begging for his dad’s yummy looking and delicious smelling lunch, a meat and cheese stuffed sandwich!

While many people would fulfill their pet’s demands, but Dinky’s owner makes him wait and work for a bite!

Scroll down to see Dinky's reaction to that....

The Great Dane, not being quieter for a while momentarily tries to go with his favored a yet more direct approach.

It takes a little while, but eventually, Dinky finds his way and gets a treat!

You will see that a little later, Dinky's brothers Romeo (also a Great Dane) and Peanut also joins him.

Poor Ron (the owner), looks like his lunch is not going to be peaceful today. Thankfully, they're a little better-behaved at least.


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