Dog Doesn't Recognize Owner Who Spent 5 Weeks In Hospital Until He Sniffs Him

Aww, that's really adorable!

Dogs are the craziest and the loveliest animals there can ever be! They literally love you to death and beyond. Their unconditional love will be the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

You become the entire world for this adorable animal and hence, he showers you with all the happiness he can when you're around!

Since the time Willie was found abandoned, by Shane Godfrey, the duo has become inseparable. Shane almost instantly adopted Willie and cared for him. Willie returned the love by pampering his owner by his sweet gestures.

Little did they knew that something tragic awaited them

Shane was admitted to the hospital with the case of the flu. But, when it rapidly developed into double pneumonia and, later on, kidney failure, sepsis and encephalitis, even the doctors weren't sure if he would be able to make it.

All the while when Shane was in the hospital, his sister looked after Willie, but it was really difficult to explain to him why his best bud was gone and if he would ever return. Read on to know what happened next.

Though it took a long time of about 5 weeks, Shane was able to make it! But, he lost weight drastically. Hence, when he came back home, Willie wasn't able to recognise him. He gave him a lot of confused looks until he sniffed him!

As he sniffs him, he realises it's his best bud who's back! His happiness reaches the zenith. He hugs Shane happily and climbs up in his lap!

Watch his reactions in the video underneath!

The reaction of the dog is really priceless. Just see it in the video! Here's the video

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