Circus Lion Lived In A Rusty Pickup Truck For 20 Years. Now Watch When He's Finally Freed

The video is really captivating!

#3 The Mufasa

#3 The Mufasa

Going to a circus and watching an elephant and lion doing different tricks is an absolute fun only when you're a kid. Only when you grow up, you realise, how horrible these circuses are!

According to an estimate, about 96% of animals who perform at a circus live their life in a small, suffocated, close cage where they dread to pass each second of their life! This is what makes the life of these circus animals including MUFASA terrible!

#2 He Got Freed

#2 He Got Freed

Thanks to the petition signed by millions of people on the Internet that he got freed after 20 years of captivity.

Since the captivation and use of animals in circuses is banned in Peru, Animal Defenders International (ADI) committed themselves to tracking and releasing each animal that was being forcefully captivated. Mufasa was the last one of them to be released!

After having spent 20 years of his life at a terrible rusty truck, he got freed. Watch his entire journey in the video ahead, it's beautiful!

#1 The Video Got Me Into Tears

The miserable life of a close and terrible place ends for him, all thanks to ADI. But will he be able to live fruitfully for the rest of the years? Only time will tell. But we can only strive to raise awareness against the forceful captivation of animals. Use of animals in circuses should be banned across the country!

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