Charlie, The Dog Shocked His Family When He Did This!Oh My!

There ain't no love like the love of dog. Don't believe us? Check this out...

I would always choose a dog over a human. No loyalty drama there. Who would want to fall in the oh so big hypocritic human society when you can share your pain and happiness with this four-legged fairy. Charlie, the beagle is just a little fairy for Baby Laura.

This Is Charlie For You!

This Is Charlie For You!

Charlie is one the smartest dogs you'll ever know. He has been taught everything from playing the keyboard to changing lights at the traffic signal to swaying baby Laura's crib. What they did not teach him was love. Love is more of a dog tendency than a human tendency. Dog love is pure just like gold. Charlie's love for Laura is just something like that.

The Love They Share!

The Love They Share!

Charlie and Laura's relationship is not like that of a master and a dog but like that of siblings. Charlie is a cute, actually very cute, goofy,insane and a loving sibling for baby Laura. He snatches away her toys, plays ball with her and also gives her a high five like a cool brother. They play roll and Charlie keeps licking and hugging his little cute sister.

The Video!

So, we thought of sharing the video of Charlie and Laura's love and the bond they share. You will see that why Laura is in need of no siblings. Just get awestruck by their love.

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