Adoring Dog Misses His Mum, So Dad Gave Her A Call. The Dog's Reaction Will Steal Your Heart

This is my favourite video till date!

They say if you're lucky, a dog will come into your life and change it forever for the best! Having a pet dog waiting for you while you come back home is one of the best feeling in the world. The unconditional love and faithfullness of the dog is unparallel! This story will make you believe in it more strongly

Meet Stanley the beautiful Airedale Terrier, he was missing his mum very much. She was away from him working while he just couldn’t cope without her any longer. And so they tried finding a solution to make him feel better.

The dad was tasked with looking after the loveable pooch. Though tried his best to keep Stanley’s spirits up, but even the long walks, hugs, head scratches and tasty dog treats could not make Stanley feel better. They worked for a while but then Stanly would become sad again.

Then dad did something that cheered up Stanley's mood and lifted him up! Read on to know what he did!

The dad then decided that he would give his wife, and Stanley’s mum, a quick call and put it on speakerphone so he could at least hear her voice again.

He dialled her number and stepped back while pressing on the record button. Keen to know how it went? Go ahead and watch the video!

His reactions will surely steal your heart!

This is undoubtedly my most favourite video!

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