A close look into Rattle Snake Tail

Have you ever wondered what was inside a rattle snake tail? You may have never wondered such a thing, but once you do see what's inside, you'll be wondering why you never had! Daniel and his son Lincoln started a YouTube Channel back in 2014 in order to help Lincoln with a science project. Since then...

#5 Experiment with Life Threatening Snake

#5 Experiment with Life Threatening Snake

It is general that fathers help their child during studies and various other practical things. But have you heard about any father-son due where a ferocious Rattlesnake is bought online and its tail is cut into many halves?

Well, if not, then here is the dynamic duo of Daniel and his son Lincon, who own a Youtube channel in order to explore various things and also experiment with many in order to understand new things. This time, the experiment is all about highly dangerous Rattlesnake and its tail.

#4 What’s Inside?

#4 What’s Inside?

Daniel and Lincoln, the father-son duo, always try to experiment with something in order to explore the unexplored. This time it was Rattlesnakes tail’s turn that was explored using a box cutter. Rattlesnake has a tail with something at the back that makes noise whenever the snake moves.

This curiosity of knowing what made the tail noise so much led Daniel to buy the snake from Ebay and start cutting the tail with the box cutter.

#3 Nothing Inside

#3 Nothing Inside

Clearly visible, the tail of the snake features many buttons interconnected with each other that look like the plastic and make a crazy sound.

First, it was quite hard to cut the tail even with a sharp box cutter. But somehow, Daniel managed to cut the buttons and showcased what was actually inside it. Believe it or not, nothing was there in between the button except empty shells.

The mystery is resolved in the next page. Continue reading.

#2 A Series of Buttons

#2 A Series of Buttons

No bone, no skin, no tissue or something was found in the tail. It is just a matter of amazement as for how the snake’s tail makes so much noise without having anything inside.

While cutting the Rattlesnakes tail, Daniel also explained the fact that the buttons involved in the tail are added one after another in order to make that sound.

#1 Interesting Exploration

So, overall it was quite a thrilling and interesting experiment conducted by the two in order to unfold the fact of noise that Rattlesnake’s tail make. Even if the tail’s dissection was hard, but it went well to showcase the empty shells inside it.

Now watch the entire experiment in the video below.

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