A Tiny Abandoned Kitten Lies Motionless On The Grass, Until A Crow Swoops Down And Does The Unthinkable

The video is incredible!

Kittens are the cutest animals there can ever be! These tiny beauties look adorable with all their actions and gestures.

When this kitten appeared in the yard of an elderly Massachusetts couple in 1999, it was so tiny that Wallace and Ann Collito at first thought it was a rat.

At first, the couple thought someone had thrown the kitten into their backyard as it was motionless. But soon they little kitten began looking out for someone.

The couple was really concerned about the welfare of the kitten, but now they knew it had someone looking for it!

Soon a crow came and sat beside the cat. What he did next was really unthinkable for the couple! It was such a kind gesture, indeed!

Keep reading to know what it did, and don't miss out on the video of the entire sequence at the end of the post!

The Collitos watched in amazement as the crow, whom they named as 'Mosses' took the kitten whom they had named ‘Cassie’ under its wing and began feeding it worms and insects. They couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched in amazement. He also protected the cat from other animals.

They also shot the entire scene. Go ahead to check out the video!

Here's the incredible video

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