A Massive Snake In Brazil Quickly Regrets His Attempt To Eat Porcupine

Argh! The video is too painful to watch...

We all might have come across dozens of snake videos hunting and eating their prey, but recently a teeth-clenching video of a wild boa constrictor, also called red-tailed boa, has gone viral and has garnered a mixed response...

THIS is the moment when a hungry boa snake possesses a spirit of champion competitive eater. He actually made a major mistake by deciding to pick on a porcupine for lunch.

Boa constrictor, a snake known for being poisonous, was recently seen in a terrible condition after hunting a porcupine and eating it. The entire scene was filmed in Brazil, and the video quickly attracted a lot of people.

The above image is of a porcupine, and as you can see they are covered in flesh-piercing spines. And for a highly poisonous Boa snake that can grow up to 13 feet in length, squeezing a porcupine turns out not to be a good idea.

You can see the complete footage on last page...

Wince-inducing footage has been shared online showing the impaled reptile writhing in pain as bright white spikes protrude from its body.

At one point the snake attempts to curl its neck around to remove the prickles from its skin. How painful it is to watch!

The hungry snake seemingly came off worst after trying to feast on the porcupine, which fought back with its quills.

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