A Baby Started To Cry, Just Look At How His Dog Reacts!

He's a very lucky child to have a nanny like that.

Dogs are known to be one of the emotional creatures. They get intense separation anxiety if their owner goes away for a while. They cry when you leave the house and even gets extremely excited when you come home after a long day at work. With this in mind, what do you think a dog's reaction would be on hearing a baby crying?

This dog had the perfect reaction I have ever seen. It's emotional side kicked into high gear over social media sites, and the result is just too adorable for words.

You will see the complete video on last page, stay tuned.

It is rightly said that, unlike many, dogs have an uncanny ability to feel emotions and will also comfort their master whenever they feel bored or depressed. To prove this statement, a cute dog recently got captured in a video showing his affection to a little boy.

His way of consoling the crying baby will blow your mind for sure.

In the video, you'll see a newborn baby crying, and suddenly his dog starts singing a "lullaby," and the little one falls silent in an instant. And, after that, the dog just sat beside the baby looking concerned. An unusual but super cute nanny.

Watch the video below of a dog trying to calm down a crying baby:

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